Test Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses Quality and Comfort level

It was 2009 when the first Jawbone made their appearance in the world of cycling. I still remember a Mark Cavendish in HTC Columbia jersey that made it look like those that would have been the most revolutionary glasses of those years. A fast and practical lens change system (hence the name Jawbone), combined with the comfort and superb quality of the lenses, would make those glasses a reference point and comparison for every other product on the market.
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Six years later, Oakley tries us back and thanks to the work done with the athlete of Isle of Man launches the Cheap Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses, the most advanced and sophisticated model that can offer even more comfort, lightness, customization and a new set of lenses with specifications Think about each sport.
It took two years, 9,600 hours of testing, 100 different design interactions and 27 components to give life to this project, and now we can finally touch it with a hand.
The model we received in the test is the Polarized Jabreaker, with a completely black frame and polarized Oo Red Iridium lens, which is at the top of the range. The design of these Oakley follows a bit the trend of recent years and reminds the old 80s sunglasses with a very large lens. Each part of these glasses has been revised and updated and it is therefore necessary to go for order:
cheap Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses
The lens in our range is the Polarized version of Oakley, which offers the best quality in the sports lens market thanks to a production process that allows identical features for every pair of lenses. Polarization then eliminates all forms of reflection, and the US-patented HDO (High Definition Optics) construction far outweighs US standards regarding precision and resistance (Oakley is no coincidental use by US armed forces, Inc.). The eyepiece tracking made on the replica Jawbreaker sunglassess howed then how high the lens was important in the visual field of a cyclist and was then expanded by 44%.
Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses 2017
Another big new feature introduced with Jawbraker is definitely the Prizm lenses. This new lens type is the latest generation and incorporates years of development and research. Different by type of use, they offer different visual characteristics according to the sport we practice.
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We will find a lesser contrast and more bright colors in the Trail version to improve light changes on the trails, while in the Road version the contrast will be accentuated so you can see any variation in the road surface.
We find the Golf, Baseball and Daily versions each with specific visual features. In this section of the Oakley sunglasses site you can compare the various features in real time.
Replica Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses
Even Switchlock is part of Oakley’s patented technology. A system that evolves and after the Jawbone and Radarlocks arrive at its most advanced version with the Jawbreaker. By pulling the nose, the retention system of the lens opens in a matter of seconds, and without any effort, it can be replaced by the lens to fit the eyewear to any environmental condition.
Last but not least is the adjustable frame. In the latest models from the US home there was a small problem of bulkheads. With almost all of the helmets on the market, the shoulders came into contact with the helmet’s rear closure, thus losing stability. The new winches allow now to be adjusted in three positions and best fit to every cyclist and helmet.

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