Oakley Jawbreaker: the most advanced design in sport glasses

The Fake Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses model was inspired by professional cyclist Mark Cavendish. From measuring the wattage of power it generates, to analyzing its coefficient of drag inside a last generation wind tunnel or even adjusting the saddle a fraction of a millimeter, Mark leaves nothing to chance in its preparation.
Oakley Jawbreaker Black
This obsession with perfection has resulted in a collaboration with Oakley. His great challenge was to design “an armor for speed”. And after more than 100 design sketches, 9,600 laboratory hours and field tests, 27 components of glasses and two years of work, comes the Jawbreaker model.
Oakley Jawbreaker Polished Black Iridium Polarized
Laboratory-tested and field-tested: oakley jawbreaker prizm lenses has employed a visual tracking system to analyze possible improvements in the field of vision of cyclists. This study has shown that the upper periphery of the lens is critical to provide cyclists with the visual field necessary for good performance and safety. Oakley has maximized that area of ​​the lenses in the Jawbreaker model so that whoever takes them gets an unprecedented field of vision.
oakley jawbreaker sunglasses white frame
Greater field of vision: These oakley jawbreaker black iridium polarized sunglasses have been designed to offer a greater upward field of vision with an optical precision of 44% (compared to standard sunglasses).
Oakley Jawbreaker Polished Black Iridium Polarized
The name: The name Jawbreaker comes from the rotary mechanism of the gimbal, which when opened resembles a jaw. In the case of this model, the lower frame is rotated to separate it from the upper one so that the lens can be changed.
Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Sunglasses
Switchlock technology: Switchlock technology allows lenses to be changed quickly and safely to suit any environment.
Oakley Jawbreaker Black
Prizm ™ Technology: Available with Prizm ™ Road lenses, a new Oakley technology, which improve the visibility of cyclists by enhancing color in areas where vision is most sensitive so they can detect subtle changes in the texture of surfaces highway.
oakley jawbreaker sunglasses polished white frame grey polarized lens
Ventilation: Designed to improve airflow and reduce fogging.

Protection: Armor-inspired frame with a unique impact-resistant lens.
Oakley Jawbreaker white
Customizable: The rods fit into three different lengths for greater compatibility with the helmet.

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